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The World Is Not Enough Review and Info




Pierce Brosnan 
Denise Richards 
Sophie Marceau 
Robert Carlyle 
Robbie Coltrane 
Judi Dench 
Desmond Llewelyn 
Samantha Bond 
John Cleese 
Serena Scott Thomas 
Maria Grazia Cucinotta 
Michael Kitchen 
Colin Salmon 
David Calder 
Ulrich Thomsen 
John Seru 
Claude-Oliver Rudolph 
Patrick Malahide 
Omid Djalili 
Jeff Nuttall 
Diran Meghreblian 
John Albasiny 
Patrick Romer 
Jimmy Roussounis 
Justus Von Dohnanyi 
Hassani Shapi 
Carl McCrystal 
Martyn Lewis 
Kouroush Asad 
Daisy Beaumont 
Nina Muschallik 
Daz Crawford 
Peter Mehtab 


Michael G. Wilson 
Brabara Broccoli 
Nigel Goldsack 


Michael Apted 


Neal Purvis 
Robert Wade 
Bruce Feirstein (from a story by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade) 
Adrian Biddle 
Jim Clark 
Music Composer:
David Arnold 
Production Design:
Peter Lamont 
Art Director:
Neil Lamont 
Set Decorator:
Simon Wakefield 
Debbie McWilliams 
Chris Munro 
Special Effects:
Chris Corbould 
Mara Bryan 
Make Up:
Linda Devetta 
Sean McCabe 
Simon Crane

Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 128
Released: November 19, 1999


    Pierce Brosnan's third outing as Bond is almost undoubtedly his best yet and arguably the best Bond film since the days of Roger Moore. It is even possibly the best Bond movie ever. TWINE is not an all action movie like Tomorrow Never Dies. TWINE has a complicated plot and the villain is truly evil (Renard). The movie has a surprise ending. The Bond girls are far better than the ones in TND. This movie also has the possible retirement of Q as a sub plot. John Cleese is the best possible successor to Q and he plays his part (R) very well. The gadgets in this movie are as spectacular as ever. TWINE's pre-title sequence is 20 minutes (longest one ever) is breathtaking and the boat chase is very interesting. I give this movie a 9 out of 10 and I recommend this movie for everyone to see!

-Leo Zhadanovsky 11/19/99

First things first. The World Is Not Enough IS the best Bond film ever. Pierce Brosnan has now got into playing Bond and even Sean Connery fans are know acknowledging Brosnan's talent. 

    I won't tell you the story as you may not have watched it, if you haven't, you know what to do. Make any excuse to see it. Try "I will be kicked out of the Bond community if I don't see it." I did and I have seen it twice. 

    Filled with amazing stunts and vehicles this is an action film but has a lot more to offer. It has loads of twists in the plot, but what I like is the new kind of vehicles that were used. First of all everyone has to love Q's fishing boat and the menacing helicopter with the rotating blades must be one of the most dangerous of it's kind. And finally the para-hawks, although these are actually used for sport the ones in TWINE are a lot faster and maneuverable than there real life counterparts. 

    The cast of actors has been well chosen with Sophie Marceau and Robert Carlyle playing the roles of Elektra King and Renard excellently. Brosnan has excelled yet again and the roles of the usual characters are well played by, Desmond Llewelyn, Judi Dench and Samantha Bond.

    New actor John Cleese only gets a few lines and 'R' looks to have a good future. But I have to say Q and R's first few lines, when Bond is being  introduced to R, are very poorly acted and I felt embarrassed when I held them being said. Those weren't the only poorly acted parts as when Valentine entered his caviar factory to be ambushed by Bond it was more shoddy acting. Despite those two poorly acted scenes, The World Is Not Enough is a superb film and is a must see for all movie fans, not just Bond fans.    

-Greg Hudson, 3rd of December 1999

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