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Established - October 31, 1997

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Q - "If it weren't for Q-Branch you would have been dead long ago."

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About 007's Domain

007's Domain was founded by Leo Zhadanovsky on October 31, 1997. It's first location was on my ISP web space. In August of '98 007's Domain moved to Hypermart. On January 6th, 2000 007's Domain changed it's address to and it's web hosting service to Over that time it has grown considerably and continues growing. Here is some info about the people who run 007's Domain:

Leo Zhadanovsky
Founder/Owner/In charge of all updates and all pages on 007's Domain,
ICQ UIN: 14952050

Greg Hudson
Review Writer/Assistant Webmaster,
ICQ UIN: 52850595

Daniel Dykes
Bond 20 News Correspondent
ICQ UIN: 16768755

Brandon Bond
Review Writer, 
ICQ UIN: 72915996

Review Writer
ICQ UIN: 36185117


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