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Tomorrow Never Dies: The Game - Review And Info

Developed By
Black Ops Entertainment and MGM Interactive

Distributed By
Electronic Arts

Music and Sound FX by
Tommy Tallarico Studios


Graphics Sound Gameplay Lifespan Overall
60% 60% 50% 50% 55%

Addition comments about the scores:

Graphics Those people who don't have a pc will think these are ok but those of us who for the past couple of months have been playing Quake 3 it is abysmal. Even the clips from the actual movie aren't smooth which shows the Playstation's limits.

Sound The usual bangs and screams, nothing new. The actors who have done the dubbing for the characters are rubbish they are too bad to describe.

Gameplay A complete let-down. I was expecting a lot better from a game brought out two years after GoldenEye on the N64. The game was just chucked together as fast as possible and the gameplay shows this.

Lifespan Two or three days maximum for a novice player. A good player will have it done in agent mode in about two or three hours.

Overall A blatant rip-off, of the James Bond name and I only purchased it because it was something to do with Bond. My recommendation is that you hire it and play it, you'll get it completed within the time you have it and you will have no regrets on taking it back to the hire shop. The levels are to small and far from enough. The plot does stick to the movie a bit but mot are made up to try and add some excitement but the skiing levels are sheer annoyance with the enemies trying to push and only push you over and two or three minutes of this is to much.

Information On The Levels In The Game

Level One - Outpost, Russian Border 1600 Hours


1.) Laser designate dish. 2.) Obtain security card. 3.) Escape on skis.

Comment(s): Watch out for the guys in the stone buildings as they will snipe you.

Level Two - Arms Bazaar, Russian Border 1730 Hours


1.) Photograph chopper. 2.) Photograph mortars. 3.) Photograph scud. 4.) Locate cockpit key.

Comment(s): They key card is kept on an enemy. He is usually at the bottom right of the area with the jet in it.

Level Three - Carver Media, Hamburg 2000 Hours


1.) Rendezvous with Paris. 2.) Cut the power. 3.) Destroy the central computer. 4.) Escape.

Comment(s): You have to use the cufflinks to get out of the room with the mirror in it.

Level Four - Pressing Engagement 1000 Hours


1.) Find Gupta's Briefcase. 2.) Retrieve hidden encoder. 3.) Escape from building. 4.) Minimize civilian casualties.

Comment(s): The encoder is behind a picture in one of rooms. Push a filing cabinet and the picture will move, the use the finger print scanner to open the safe.

Level Five - Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg 1900 Hours


1.) Talk to bartender. 2.) Meet with Paris.

Comment(s): The switch to activate the elevator is a room of the underground car park in which you start.

Level Six - Convoy, Swiss Alps 2100 Hours


1.) Rendezvous with Q. 2.) Destroy terrorist convoy.

Comment(s): Save the missiles for last and don't spend too long behind the enemy vehicles.

Level Seven - Ski Ridge, Hokkaido 1700 Hours


1.) Infiltrate camp on skis. 2.) Disable security system. 3.) Obtain security pass. 4.) Eliminate Isagura.

Comment(s): Try and save the Auto 9mm for Isagura.

Level Eight - CMGN Tower, Saigon 0530 Hours


1.) Activate roof elevator. 2.) Go down two floors. 3.) Destroy weapon crates. 4.) Retrieve data disk. 5.) Escape from building.

Comment(s): Use the Auto 9mm at the start as you will lose it when you get knocked out.

Level Nine - Market District, Saigon 2000 Hours


1.) Acquire RL 66. 2.) Destroy barricades. 3.) Defeat helicopter. 4.) Decode data disk. 5.) Minimize civilian casualties.

Comment(s): Using L2 and R2, you can easily strafe out of the path of the barricade guns for long enough to fire off a rocket at them.

Level Ten - Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay 0100 Hours


1.) Contact M via comm. link. 2.) Find missile panel. 3.) Stop missile launch. 4.) Defeat Carver.

Comment(s): If you position yourself correctly when you fight Stamper his shots will hit a metal crate and you can easily kill him without losing damage.

-Greg Hudson, 10th of December 1999.


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