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The Living Daylights - Review and Info




James Bond 007...Timothy Dalton
Kara Milovy...Maryam d'Abo
Brad Whittaker...Joe Don Baker
Kamran Shah...Art Malik
General Georgi Koskov...Jeroen Krabbe
Necros...Andreas Wisniewski

Production Designer
Peter Lamont

Music By
John Barry (Title song by A-Ha)

Associate Producers
Tom Pevsner
Barbara Broccoli

Produced By
Albert R. Broccoli
Michael G. Wilson

Rating: PG
Running Time: 125 Minutes
Released: 1987


    This Bond movie certainly caught my attention. This is Timothy Daltons first role as James Bond. I was quite impressed by Daltons tough yet no-authority attitude. The villains in this movie are very good! The way that General Koskov and the evil henchman Necros is quite certainly the most challenging. The pre-title sequence starts with Bond and his 00 mates doing a practice mission. But as usual Bond something goes wrong and there live are soon put to danger! Then after apprehending the villain Bond falls into a boat with a single girl and then you know what most likely happens.

    Overall this movie is not bad for Timothy Daltons first role as Bond yet there were a lot of boring scenes in the film. The bad guys were picked very well and they build a lot of suspense and intrigue throughout the movie. I give this movie a 6 out of ten and recommend that you see it to see Necros and General Koskov because they have funny parts in it as well as good stunt scenes as well.

Necros, 12/4/99

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