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James Bond Song Lyrics
"My Name Is Bond, James Bond"

James Bond Song Lyrics Submitted By/ Credits
"My Name Is Bond, James Bond"  
Sean Connery Peter Sellers George Lazenby  
Roger Moore Timothy Dalton Pierce Brosnan  
"If It Hadn't Been For Q-Branch You Would Have Been Dead Long Ago" Michael McKinley
"Father I Have Sinned. That's Putting It Mildly 007" Michael McKinley
"Assassination Methods" Michael McKinley
"Why Can't You Just Be A Good Boy And Die?"  Michael McKinley
"Why Can't You Just Be A Good Boy And Die?" - Extended Peter Celani
"Don't Touch That, That's My Lunch" Michael McKinley
"Call Me James" Mike Manley
"You Would Like Bond Dead?" Mike Manley
"I Never Joke About My Work!" Mike Manley
"Martini, Shaken, Not Stirred" Mike Manley
"Do You Expect Me To Talk?" Mike Manley
"Goodbye, Mr. Bond" Mike Manley
"Identification Confirmed"  
"Transmission in progress"  
"I've Always Tried To Teach You Two Things" Peter Celani
"James Bond - Stiff Ass Brit" Peter Celani
"Beg Your Pardon, Forgot To Knock" Peter Celani
"What The Hell Is He Doing? His Job" Peter Celani
"Only Three Men I Know Use Such A Gun, And I've Killed Two Of Them" Peter Celani
"I Never Joke About My Work" Peter Celani
Themes - All Themes In Midi Format Unless Noted Back To Top
Gun Barrel Intro Music Peter Celani
James Bond Theme - In Real Audio  
James Bond Theme  
James Bond Theme Beginning - Wav Format Peter Celani
James Bond Classic Theme  
James Bond Classic Theme #2  
From Russia With Love  
From Russia With Love Modified By Rocky Lotito
007 (From Russia With Love) - AU Format  
Goldfinger (remix) Didi Chow
You Only Live Twice  
On Her Majesty's Secret Service  
Louis Armstrong - We Have All The Time In The World (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)  
Diamonds Are Forever
Licence To Kill  
Live And Let Die (remix) Didi Chow
The Spy Who Loved Me Back To Top
The Spy Who Loved Me - "Nobody Does It Better" - AU Format  
For Your Eyes Only  
Octopussy (remix) Didi Chow
A View To A Kill  
The Living Daylights  
The Living Daylights (remix) Didi Chow
GoldenEye Modified By Rocky Lotito
Tomorrow Never Dies  
The World Is Not Enough Scott Zarchy and The 007 Express
Miscellaneous Sounds  
Scaramanga Laughing  
Clip Of GoldenEye Theme - WAV Format  
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James Bond Freak's Sound Page  
The Man With The Golden Gun Sounds Page  
Universal Exports - 007 Sounds Page  

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