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Licence To Kill Review And Info




James Bond 007...Timothy Dalton
Pam Bouvier...Carey Lowell
Franz Sanchez...Robert Davi
Lupe Lamora...Talisa Soto
Milton Crest...Anthony Zerbe
Sharkey...Frank McRae
Killifer...Everett McGill
Professor Joe Butcher...Wayne Newton
Dario...Benicio Del Toro
Truman Lodge...Anthony Starke
President Hector Lopez...Pedro Armendariz Jr.
Q...Desmond Llewelyn
Felix Leiter...David Hedison
Della Churchill...Priscilla Barnes
M...Robert Brown
Moneypenny...Caroline Bliss
Heller...Don Stroud
Hawkins...Grand L.Bush
Kwang...Carey-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Perez...Alejanro Bracho
Braun...Guy De Saint Cyr
Mullens...Rafer Johnson
Loti...Diana Lee-Hsu
Fallon...Christopher Neame
Stripper...Jeannine Bisignano
Montelongo...Claudio Brook
Consuelo...Cynthia Fallon
Rasmussen...Enrique Novi
Oriental...Osami Kawawo
Doctor...George Belanger
Wavecrest Captain...Roger Cudney
Chief Chemist...Honorato Magaloni
Pit Boss...Jorge Russek
Bellboy..Sergio Corona
Ninja...Stuart Kwang
Tanker Driver...Jose Abdala
Ticket Agent...Teresa Blake
Della's Uncle...Samuel Benjamin Lancaster
Casino Manager...Juan Peleaz
Coast Guard Radio Operator...Mark Kelty
Hotel Assistant Manager...Humberto Elizondo
Sanchez's Driver...Fidel Carriga
Barrelhead Waitress...Edna Bolkan
Clive...Eddie Enderfield
Warehouse Guard...Jeff Muldovan
Warehouse Guard...Carl Ciarfalio

Director Of Photography
Alec Mills

Production Designer
Peter Lamont

Music By
Michael Kamen (Title song performed by Gladys Knight)

Associate Producers
Tom Pevsner
Barbara Broccoli

Written By
Michael G.Wilson
Richard Maibaum

Produced By
Albert R.Broccoli
Michael G.Wilson

Directed By
John Glen

Rated: 15
Runnig Time: 127 mins
Released 1989


    Although not liked my some, to me Licence To Kill is one of my favourite films, second only to GoldenEye. This film is the second and last of the great Timothy Dalton who in my opinion is the second best Bond actor.
    Basically the plot is Felix Leiter , Bond's friend, was fed to sharks by one of Latin America most powerful drug dealers, Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) and when Bond finds Felix on his sofa he swears vengeance.
    When 'M' finds out about his 'private vendetta' he orders him to stop Bond hands in his resignation. The story continues with Bond getting revenge. The finally has Bond and Sanchez on petrol tankers driving along
twisting roads with a fare few stunt, although I'm not to sure about a wheelie in a truck??
    I also like the sound track, available in the 007's Domain Store, the song is called Licence To Kill and is sung by Gladys Knight.
This film is very different to any other James Bond film and I find it very refreshing after Roger Moore's last two film which I have to say were probably the worst of the series.
    One criticism about Timothy Dalton is the look about him he look extremely angry. Although he was Bond should be extremely cool, even under pressure. I couldn't see Pierce Brosnan doing that.
    I think Dario (Benicio Del Toro) looks the part of a henchman but was a complete wuss and he came to a most gruesome death of being grinded in a drug grinder. Overall in my opinion it is one of the greats but will probably have to take it's place along with all the other Bond films when The World Is Not Enough is released on the 19th (today!!) or 26th if you live in the United Kingdom like me. 

-Greg Hudson 19th of November 1999

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