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Live And Let Die - Review And Info




James Bond 007...Roger Moore 
Mr. Big/Kanaga...Yaphet Kotto 
Solitaire...Jane Seymour

Produced By 
Harry Saltzman 
Albert R. Broccoli

Directed By 
Guy Hamilton

Screenplay By 
Tom Mankiewicz

Title Song Composed By 
Paul and Linda McCartney

And Performed By 
Paul McCartney and Wings

Music Score By 
George Martin

Rating: PG 
Released: 1973 
Running Time: 116 Minutes


Roger Moore makes his debut as James Bond in this voodoo based film and it's one of his finest films. This action packed film remains my favorite Roger Moore film although most people will say it's The Spy Who Loved Me, I disagree.

To start off Live And Let Die has a most memorable henchman, Tee Hee. He reminds me a lot of Jaws. The large body which overpowers Bond but not a genius and he, like Jaws, gets booted out of a train window in a most undignified manner.

The main bad guy is Mr. Big/ Kananga they are played by the same actor who is Yaphet Kotto (Remember The Running Man?). Mr. Big is based in Harlem while Kananga is in San Monique and they are each an alias for the other. Kananga is an ambassador of San Monique and his operations are fairly legit, but when he dons his rubber mask and becomes Mr. Big he is a drug baron. His intentions are to give out free drugs and when enough people are addicted to them he will make them pay for it.

One of the highlights of the film is the 150 mph speedboat chase through Louisiana Bayou which introduced us to Sheriff J.W. Pepper of the Louisiana State Police.

There is also one of Bond's greatest watches with a powerful magnet and a sharp cutting disc, both of which got Bond out of trouble in the final ten minutes.

Overall this is one of the better films and will come about sixth or seventh in my favorites list over shadowed mainly more modern films.

-Greg Hudson Sunday the 5th of December 1999

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