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GoldenEye 64 - Review And Info

Developed by

Graphics Sound Gameplay Lifespan Overall
85% 85% 95% 90% 90%

Addition comments about the scores:

Graphics This game takes 64-bit graphics to its limit. And with the exception of the geometrically shaped heads, it is tremendous. From the title screen you find yourself amazed by the almost movie-like appearance the game takes on.

Sound The sounds are only slightly limited. I recommend toggling the music a bit to hear the sound effects better. The biggest drawback on the sounds is that there is no character conversation. But in a 64 system, that's rare anyway.

Gameplay It shows that they took a lot of time on this--sometimes empty release-day promises can make a game worth while (not that this game needed much more anticipation). But with a perfectionist group like Rare, one can only expect that a delayed release means better quality. On a personal note, this game is the one that got me to buy an N-64 system.

Lifespan It took me about a month and a half to beat this game, and I still enjoy playing this over 2 years afterwards. The shelf life of this game is beyond expectations. 

Overall I applaud Rare for such a complete game. It was definitely worth the wait. The plot is great, and it takes more strategy than your regular first-person shooter. You don't go around putting a bullet in everybody's head. You have to know who to kill and when to do it. And keep an eye on your objectives. Sometimes the slightest misguided bullet can ruin a whole mission. This game is definitely worth the hype.

Information On The Levels In The Game

Mission 1: Arkangelsk
Level 1:Dam


1.) Neutralize all alarms. 2.) Install covert modem 3.) Intercept data back-up. 4) Bungee jump from platform.

Comment(s): When going into the tunnel, go in through the furthest watchtower. 

Level 2: Facility


1.) Gain entry to laboratory area. 2.) Contact double agent. 3.) Rendezvous with 006. 4.) Destroy all tanks in bottling room. 5.) Minimize scientist casualties.

Comment(s): At the end, hide behind the stairs before blowing up the tanks--the Russian soldiers won't see you.

Level 3: Runway


1.) Find plane ignition key. 2.) Destroy missile battery. 3.) Escape in plane. 4.) Destroy heavy gun emplacements.

Comment(s): Look for the well hidden tank--it makes the job easier and that much more fun.

Mission 2: Severnaya
Level 1: Surface


1.) Power down communications dish. 2.) Obtain safe key 3.) Steal building plans. 4.) Enter base via ventilation tower.

Comment(s): I'd stick with the sniper rifle on this one because otherwise you rarely see what's shooting at you.

Level 2: Bunker


1.) Disrupt all surveillance equipment. 2.) Copy the GoldenEye key and leave original. 3.) Photograph main video screen. 4.) Get personnel to activate computer. 5.) Download data from computer.

Comment(s): In each hallway your first objective should be to take out the surveillance camera.

Mission 3: Kirghizstan
Level 1: Launch Silo #4


1.) Photograph satellite. 2.) Obtain telemetric data. 3.) Retrieve satellite circuitry. 4.) Minimize scientist casualties. 5.) Plant bombs in fuel rooms.

Comment(s): Make sure your machine gun is locked and loaded. But for the love of God, don't shoot the scientists--they'll shoot back!

Mission 4: Monte Carlo
Level 1: Frigate

1.) Rescue hostages. 2.) Disarm bridge bomb. 3.) Disarm engine room bomb. 4.) Plant tracking bug on helicopter.

Comment(s): Enter ship from the garage door by the helicopter--you'll come up behind most of your enemies.

Mission 5: Severnaya
Level 1: Surface

1.) Disrupt all surveillance equipment. 2.) Break communications link to bunker. 3.) Disable spetzmatz support aircraft. 4.) Gain entry to bunker.

Comment(s): Don't stand in one place for too long, they will surround and eventually kill you.

Level 2: Bunker

1.) Compare staff/casualty list. 2.) Recover CCTV tape. 3.) Disable all security cameras 4.) recover GoldenEye Ops manual 5.) escape with Natalya

Comment(s): Complete all of the objectives before letting Natalya out. And also, when you recover the CCTV tape, select it on your watch menu (I wonder if it comes in wide screen).

Mission 6: St. Petersburg
Level 1: Statue Park

1.) Contact Valentine 2.) Confront and unmask Janus. 3.) Locate helicopter. 4.) Rescue Natalya. 5.) Find flight recorder.

Comment(s): In my opinion, this is the most difficult board ever created for video games.

Level 2: Military Archives

1.) Escape from the interrogation room. 2.) Find Natalya 3.) Recover helicopter black box. 4.) Escape with Natalya.

Comment(s): Do not use your gun until you've cleared the hallway upstairs.

Level 3: Streets

1.) Contact Valentin. 2.) Pursue Ourmurov and Natalya 3.) Minimize civilian casualties.

Comment(s): Go right whenever you have the option.

Level 4: Depot

1.) Destroy illegal arms cache. 2.) Destroy computer network. 3.) Obtain safe key. 4.) Recover helicopter blue prints. 5.) Locate Trevelyan's train.

Comment(s): Occasionally you'll be able to see a guard's foot or head through the wall. Take advantage of this and shoot at the exposed body part.

Level 5: Train

1.) Destroy brake units. 2.) Rescue Natalya. 3.) Locate Janus' secret base. 4.) Escape to safety.

Comment(s): Make sure you don't leave the train before Natalya gets the password.

Mission 7: Cuba
Level 1: Jungle

1.) Destroy drone guns. 2.) Eliminate Xenia. 3.) Blow up ammo dump. 4.) Escort Natalya to Janus' base.

Comment(s): Once you've obtained the AR33, duck behind trees and use the sight as often as possible.

Level 2: Control Center

1.) Protect Natalya 2.) Disable GoldenEye satellite. 3.) Destroy armored mainframes.

Comment(s): Put your back up against the bulletproof glass, and keep looking from side to side until Natalya repositions the satellite.

Level 3: Water Caverns

1.) Destroy inlet pump controls. 2.) Destroy outlet pump controls. 3.) Destroy master control console. 4.) Use the radio to contact Jack Wade. 5.) Minimize scientist casualties.

Comment(s): Be very careful not to blow up the radio, otherwise you'll screw up two objectives: to minimize scientist casualties, and contact Jack Wade.

Level 4: Antenna Cradle

1.) Destroy control console. 2.) Settle the score with Trevelyan.

Comment(s): Stick as close to Alec as possible, because the closer to stick to him, the sooner you'll finish him.

Secret Missions

Mission 8: Teotihuacan
Level 1: Aztec complex

1.) Reprogram shuttle guidance. 2.) Launch shuttle.

Comment(s): Look out for the AMG's in the corridor.

Mission 9: El Saghira
Level 1: Egyptian temple

1.) Recover the Golden Gun 2.) Defeat Baron Samedi

Comment(s): Watch out in the Golden Gun room--you have to step on the correct tiles.

By Brandon and Jeanette Bond, 12/21/99


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