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From Russia With Love - Review And Info




James Bond 007...Sean Connery
Kirem Bey...Pedro Amrendariz
Cornel Klebb...Lotte Lenya
Red Grant...Robert Shaw
'M'...Bernard Lee
Tatiana...Daniela Bianchi

Screenplay By
Richard Maibaum

Adapted By
Johanna Harwood

Title Song Written By
Lionel Bart

Orchestral Music Composed And Conducted By
John Barry

Produced By
Harry Saltzman
Albert R. Broccoli

Directed By
Terence Young

Rating: PG
Running Time: 110 Minutes
Released: 1963


    One of my favorites, From Russia with Love takes place is some of the best locations on Europe, from historic Istanbul to the Orient Express. Top it off with a stunning woman (Tatiana "Tania" Romanova) and a realistic plot and you have a classic Bond flick.

           Tania is, unknown to her, ordered to pull Bond into a trap by pretending to fall in love with him. I think you see where that's going. Kerim is one of my personal favorite ally of all time. He is personable, well connected, and as well dressed as Bond himself.

          All the fuss this time, and the bait in the trap, is over a coding machine called the Lektor (which is actually fashioned after a coding machine used by Great Britian in WW II). But as most Bond films, one of the most true gems is the villains. They are cold and calculating, as the true Bond nemesis that SPECTRE is.

          I LOVE this film, a must have for the classic Bond fan.

By Brandon Bond, December 14, 1999

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