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Dr. No - Review And Info




James Bond007...Sean Connery
Honey Rider...Ursula Andress
Dr. No...Joseph Wiseman
Felix Leiter...Jack Lord
'M'...Bernard Lee

Screenplay By
Richard Maibaum
Johanna Harwood
Berkley Mather

Directed By
Terence Young

Music Composed
Monty Norman (Title song by The Monty Norman Orchestra)

Produced By
Harry Saltzman
Albert R.Broccoli

Rating: PG
Running Time: 106 minutes
Released: 1962


    The first Bond film was certainly a memorable one. This film introduced us to the world of Bond. The film itself was a pretty good one, it had it's flaws but it was still great.

    Dr. No starts with the famed gun-barrel sequence but there is no pre-title sequence. The opening credits were very good for 1962. The actual film itself starts with some informants for the MI6 that were investigating interference on some US rockets being killed. Then you learn about Dr. No and the rest.

    This film has it's flaws though. There is no Q in it and as mentioned before, no pre-title sequence. I also think that Dr. No's plan to rule the world is a little preposterous but for a Bond film it is alright. This film has some irregularities but it is the first Bond film so that happens (the first Star Trek episode didn't even have Captain Kirk in it and Star Trek went on to be famous too).

    Overall, Dr. No is a very good film that introduced the Movie Theater World. We were also introduced to S.P.E.C.T.R.E. I give this film a 7 our 10 rating! I recommend you watch it if you are a real Bond fan or if you just want to see a good movie.

-Leo Zhadanovsky, 12/4/99

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