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A View To A Kill - Review And Info




James Bond 007... Roger Moore
Stacey Sutton...Tanya Roberts
May Day...Grace Jones
Sir Godfrey 'Tibbet'...Patrick Macnee
Max Zorin...Christopher Walken

Music By (Titles song performed by Duran Duran)
John Barry

Production Designer
Peter Lamont

Associate Producer
Tom Pevsner

Produced By
Albert R.Broccoli
Michael G. Wilson

Directed By
John Glen

Richard Maibaum
Michael G. Wilson

Rated: PG
Running Time: 126 minutes
Released: 1985


   The final film in the Roger Moore 'saga' and about time too. By 1985 Moore was getting to old to get the girls (girl in the bath tub!!) at a ripe old age of fifty-seven.  This film wasn't any good anyway though so you can't really blame Moore's age.  This film had the worst bad guy, Max Zorin and worst henchwoman, May Day with her rubbish "attempt" to do something which resembles a martial art. The girl, Stacey Sutton must be the thickest one ever as well. Near the end she pretty much ran into the hands of Zorin rather than getting out of the way of his ludicrous flying contraption that was formerly a shed. The plot is a stupid one as well.  Destroy Silicon Valley? So many things he will use are produced there, so why destroy it? The only thing I do like about this film is the theme tune. I love all the sound tracks from A View To A Kill until the present day. Overall I was very disappointed with this film, the actors weren't thought through properly and the film's plot left a lot to be desired as well.

    Even Roger Moore couldn't make this one an enjoyable encounter, unless you’re laughing at it. The worst Bond film ever.

-Greg Hudson, 2nd of December 1999

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